Holistic Family Health Our dedication extends beyond specialized treatments; we're deeply committed to ensuring the holistic health and well-being of entire families. Our goal is to offer top-tier natural health solutions to our community and even further. We're convinced that the future lies in Brain-Centric Wellness, and our relentless pursuit of excellence reflects this belief. Our primary services aren't just solutions to health issues; they're proactive measures to boost wellness and ward off potential health problems:

  • Brain Alignment: Embracing Developmental and Applied Neuroscience.
  • Nutritional Insight: Leveraging Functional Lab Analysis and Interpretation.
  • Mindful Living: Promoting Stress Recognition and Coping Techniques.

Advanced Laser Therapeutics Harnessing the power of the latest technological innovations, our clinic accelerates the healing process. With a foundation in studies from the 1960s, our laser and light treatments, known as photobiomodulation and photoneuromodulation, have consistently shown remarkable results. At its essence, this therapy amplifies cellular energy, enhancing their healing capabilities or neurotransmitter production. Our advanced laser equipment, combined with the unique NeuroSolution techniques, paves the way for cutting-edge healing.

Brain Training with Neurosage Expect the unexpected when you step into our clinic. Neurosage offers a blend of video gaming with a mix of auditory and visual stimuli, all designed to recalibrate the brain. Engaging with this software immerses you in a sensory-rich environment, targeting every brain region to foster unprecedented healing and recovery. This multi-sensory engagement ensures a rapid and efficient healing journey for both the mind and body.

Reflex Restoration Have you or your child been evaluated for lingering primitive reflexes recently? Their integration is crucial for the brain and nervous system's proper growth. If these reflexes remain, they can lead to a myriad of symptoms ranging from ADHD, learning challenges, and even physical ailments. It's essential, regardless of age, to get this checked promptly. Integrating these reflexes can unlock the brain's full potential.

Revitalizing the Vagus Nerve Modern neuroscience has shed light on the pivotal role of the vagus nerve in healing various brain and body parts. When this system is harmoniously integrated and treated, the results are profound and transformative. We utilize a spectrum of techniques to rejuvenate this essential system, ensuring peak health and performance.